Instructions for Use (IFU)

To view the Instructions for Use of an Xodus Medical product, enter the Product Number or Name below. The Product Number is located on the product's packaging label, next to the symbol.

View the Symbol Glossary for explanation of symbols used on our IFUs and product packaging.


  Product Number IFU Name Rev # Language
View30977See Sharp IFU - Spanish0Spanish
View30977See Sharp IFU - Dutch2Dutch
View30977See Sharp IFU - Italian1Italian
View30977See Sharp IFU - German1German
View30977See Sharp IFU - French1French
View30977See Sharp IFU19English
View30978See Sharp IFU19English
View30978See Sharp IFU Long1Dutch
View30978See Sharp IFU - French1French
View30978See Sharp IFU - German1German
View30978See Sharp IFU - Italian1Italian
View30978See Sharp IFU - Spanish0Spanish
View30978See Sharp IFU - Dutch2Dutch
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