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Air Assist New Product

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Safer, Easier Patient Transfer and Positioning in Trendelenburg & Reverse-Trendelenburg

PinkProtect™ materials integrated into both top & bottom surfaces ensure skin protection as well as proven patient stability in Trendelenburg.

  • Prevent workplace injury with an easy air-assisted patient transfer system
  • Safely position high-BMI patients while protecting against HAPI formation and nerve damage
  • Establish a clinical evidence-based best practice for reducing peak pressure and preventing unwanted patient movement

The See Sharp

Enhanced Intraoperative Laparoscope
Cleaning & Defogging

See Sharp scope cleaining.
Better visualization. Thermostatically-controlled temperatures safe for use with robotic scopes. Pass-free cleaning exchanges when connected directly to a trocar. A compact, stable footprint that maximizes placement flexibility when in use outside of the surgical field.

The See Sharp helps minimally invasive surgical teams enhance efficiency, improve outcomes, and increase patient safety.


Material Patient Safety Improvements

Optimized softness, breathability, immersion, and envelopment characteristics

PinkProtect™ from Xodus Medical is a groundbreaking collection of patient positioning solutions. Clinically preferred by the world’s top hospitals, PinkProtect systems help perioperative professionals:
  • Establish the safest standards of care for their patients
  • Address high-risk positioning challenges across various surgical specialties
  • Implement recommended best-practices set forth in the AORN Tool Kit for the Prevention of Perioperative Pressure Injury
PinkProtect solutions incorporate patented designs with unique patient-positioning materials. Optimized softness, breathability, immersion, and envelopment characteristics increase patient safety and reduce the risk of HAPIs (Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries).

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