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Extended-positioning solutions composed of breathable, soft, moisture-wicking materials that envelops patients, safeguarding against skin breakdown and pressure injury.

Patient Safety Advantages

  • Proven, skin-friendly positioners designed to address the specific patient safety challenges of the Intensive Care Unit
  • Featuring DermaProx Pink — a breathable, soft, moisture wicking material for the utmost protection against HAPI formation
  • Supportive, high-density cores that help distribute pressure during lengthy patient positioning intervals
  • Unique designs tailored to the specific requirements of ICU patient positioning
Critical-Care Headrests

Critical-Care Headrests

Designed with Critical Care Teams in mind Integrated ET-Tube channels to help maintain unobstructed airways Materials optimized for both skin protection and long-term support Multiple dimensions available to best suit the needs of your patients Featuring DermaProx Pink — the new standard in safe patient positioning materials
Pink Arcs

Pink Arcs

Increase patient safety, maintain skin integrity on areas at greater risk of pressure-injury formation Increase protection and support for heels, tops of feet, knees, neck, chest and torso throughout lengthy positioning intervals Multiple sizes available Featuring DermaProx Pink — the new standard in safe patient positioning materials
Dual Layer Pads

Dual Layer Pads

Protect high-risk pressure areas with DermaProx Pink as well as a high density layer that enhances pressure distribution and durability Flexible design accommodates multiple positioning needs: knees, thighs, elbows, chest, etc. Multiple sizes available

If you already use Xodus Medical Pink Pad Products in the OR, then you know how amazingly breathable the proprietary, open-cell material is. It prevents shear and wicks away moisture, preventing irritation and breakdown.

— Susie Hammant, RN, CNOR
     Metairie, LA



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