The Pink Stulberg Kit

The Pink Stulberg Kit

Safe, Effective, and Efficient Upgrades for Lateral Patient Positioning

Patient on Stulberg Kit

New Layers of Protection

Stulberg Pad with PinkProtect
  • Help prevent Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injuries (HAPIs)
  • PinkProtect™ materials are immersive, enveloping, soft, breathable, and help maximize positioning security
  • Achieve a precise fit for your specific surgical equipment
  • Customizable kits optimize individual patient safety

Simple, Safe Solutions that Help Patient Safety Advocates Meet

Guidelines & Recommendations

Patient callouts

Official AORN Guidelines Recommend1

  • “A patient in the lateral position is at risk for injury from pressure on vulnerable points on the dependent side.” Section 10.0 - Positioning the Patient
  • “During prolonged surgery in the lateral position, the patient can experience local muscle compression with ischemia and subsequent reperfusion injury leading to compartment syndrome or rhabdomyolysis.Section 10.1 - Positioning the Patient

  • “Relieve, reduce, and redistribute contact pressure at bony prominences.” Section 3.13 - Positioning the Patient
  • “The lateral position increases the risk for injury to the common perineal nerve. Using padding helps to protect the perineal nerve on the dependent leg from being compressed between the fibula and the OR bed.” Section 10.10 - Positioning the Patient
  • “Do not use a horseshoe-shaped head positioner for patients in the prone, lateral, sitting, or semi-sitting positions.” Section 3.25 - Positioning the Patient
  • “Place a pillow or head positioner under the patient’s head with the dependent ear assessed after positioning.” Section 10.3 - Positioning the Patient
  • “Place an axillary roll under the patient’s dependent thorax, distal to the axillary fold, at the level of the seventh to the ninth rib.” Section 10.5 - Positioning the Patient
  • “Maintain the patient’s physiologic spinal and neck alignment.” Section 10.6 - Positioning the Patient
  • “Place safety straps across the patient’s hips.” Section 10.8 - Positioning the Patient
  • “Hyperextension of the neck can stretch the brachial plexus, lead to cardiovascular complications associated with compression or mechanical manipulation of the carotid sinus, or injure the spinal cord.” Section 3.8.1 - Safe Patient Positioning
  • “A standardized product selection process assists in the selection of functional and reliable products that are safe, cost-effective, and environmentally preferable and that promote quality care, as well as decreases duplication or rapid obsolescence.” Section 1.1 - Environmental Cleaning

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Proven Pressure Management

In a study of 15 subjects ranging from 16-54 BMI (average BMI 35.5), the Pink Pad provided an average peak pressure reduction of 43%.

US Government Data2 show Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injuries (HAPIs):
  • Are the direct cause of death for roughly 60,000 patients each year
  • Add an estimated $43,180 in costs per hospital stay
  • Result in more than 17,000 medical lawsuits, annually (the second most common claim after wrongful death)
  • Increase hospital stays by nine days on average

Images shown are of the same 30.85 BMI subject, on a solid surface, with and without the Pink Pad. Tests were conducted with an Xsensor Sensor Pad Model PX 100:48.144.02

Pressure Map

Unlock Time Savings

  • Setup time: less than 1 minute
  • Eliminate the need for custom, off-label positioning components
  • Reduce setup time, cost, and eliminate cross-contamination risks
Adjustable Lateral Headrest

Standardize Clinical Best Practices

Provide a consistent, safe standard of care for every patient, in every procedure, every time.

Innovative, yet supportive materials offer protection against HAPIs, regardless of patient weight or BMI. Pink Stulberg Kits can be tailored to the unique needs of your surgical specialty.

Clinical Evidence

  • “Postoperative erythema was significantly less common on the Pink Pad…” 3
  • “There was significantly less pain in the Pink Pad group versus the gel-pad group.” 3
3 Read the Most Recently Published Pink Pad Research

What Our Customers are Saying...

Xodus Medical’s Stulberg Kits perfectly complement our existing equipment, and they advance our efforts toward a pressure-injury free operating room environment.

— Michele Giacobbi
     RN, BSN, CNOR
     Pittsburgh, PA

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