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Innovative Laparoscope Cleaning & Defogging


Watch the See Sharp in use and learn why surgeons are using the See Sharp to improve surgical outcomes and enhance patient safety.


The See Sharp adapts to any laparoscopic surgical field, accommodates both 5mm and 12mm trocars, and minimizes waste.


Moving the cleaning and defogging functions physically closer to the laparoscopic camera port helps streamline surgical procedures; allowing the Surgeon and Staff to remain focused on what matters most: the safety of their patients.


Consistent, reliable performance, even in surgeries lasting up to five hours. An off-switch to wait out delayed cases. Innovative internal seals to prevent fluid leakage: the See Sharp is designed from the inside-out to help achieve optimal surgical outcomes.

The See Sharp is a novel concept that has produced tangible, positive impacts on the efficiency of our procedures, the quality of our visualization, and ultimately, the safety of our patients. Simply put, it has redefined our laparoscopic cleaning and defogging process. I highly recommend it.

— Dr. Aditya Gupta
     Director of Bariatric Surgery
     Chicago, IL

A Place For


Each See Sharp Kit contains a single See Sharp unit, two bottles of anti-fog solution, a microfiber cloth, and two trocar swabs (5mm. & 12mm.)

And Everything

in its place

Each kit fits smartly into an easy-peel blister pack that allows for efficient, stackable storage.

An innovative approach to laparoscope cleaning and defogging — providing a sharper view of patient safety.

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