The Pink Peg Board Kit

The Pink Peg Board Kit

Reduce HAPI Risk and Maximize Patient Safety in the Lateral Decubitus Position

Patient on Peg Board

New Layers of Protection

DermaProx Pink Peg Board Pad
  • Help prevent Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries (HAPIs)
  • Maximize immersion, envelopment, softness, breathability, as well as positioning security with DermaProx™ Pink
  • An ultra-supportive pressure management core distributes pressure over the most challenging positioning surfaces

HAPI Prevention: Covered

Peg Example

Unique, dual-layer peg covers combine skin-friendly DermaProx™ with ultra supportive, high density cores; optimally balancing HAPI reducing characteristics including pressure distribution and breathability.



  • Setup time: less than 1 minute
  • Eliminate the need for custom, off-label positioning components
  • Reduce setup time, cost, and eliminate cross-contamination risks

Standardize Clinical Best Practices

Peg Board Adjustable Lateral Headrest

Provide a consistent, safe standard of care for every patient, in every procedure, every time.

Innovative, yet supportive materials offer protection against HAPIs, regardless of patient weight or BMI. Pink Peg Board Kits can be tailored to the unique needs of your surgical specialty.

Complete Solutions

Pink Peg Board Kit

Our Most Popular Configuration (#40560) Includes:
  • DermaProx™ Pink Armboard Protectors w/ Straps
  • DermaProx™ Pink Peg Board Pad
  • Peg Board Adjustable Lateral Headrest
  • Universal DermaProx™ Peg Covers (4)
  • Skin-Friendly Body Strap and Lift Sheet
Helpful Accessories Sold Separately:
  • #40945 3" Intra-Leg Positioner
  • Pink Dual Layer Pads
    (additional protection for legs, feet, etc)
    • #40771 (15" x 11" x 1")
    • #40772 (8" x 11" x 1")
  • PinkProtect™ Pink Arcs (Axillary Rolls)
    • #40544 (9" x 8" x 4")
    • #40524 (16" x 6" x 4")
  • #40549 Universal DermaProx™ Peg Covers (case qty 16)



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