Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

Xodus Medical values innovation and understands the need for ongoing education. We are focused on advancing technology and providing resources that improve the safety and well-being of patients and clinicians alike.

Partnering with AORN to Make Surgery Safer

AORN Tool Kit cover page
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Xodus Medical has partnered with AORN to create the official Tool Kit for the Prevention of Perioperative Pressure Injury. We are focused on providing unique, effective, and complete solutions for perioperative teams dedicated to safeguarding their patients against preventable, Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injuries (HAPIs).   

Continuing Education Seminars

Xodus Medical collaborates with leading healthcare-education organizations as well as industry leading clinical experts. Our goal is to provide OR Team Members up-to-date, thorough knowledge of clinical best-practices.

Schedule a Continuing Education Training Session

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Instructions for Use

A complete Instructions for Use (IFU) Library for Xodus Medical solutions is available here.

Help ensure patient and hospital-staff safety by closely reviewing applicable IFUs prior to using Xodus Medical products.
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