Nerve Injury Prevention

Nerve Injury Prevention

Nervous System

Xodus Medical understands the need to protect both patients and healthcare workers against preventable nerve injuries. Proper positioning of sensitive nerve areas is a key factor in positive surgical outcomes.

Our positioning solutions are designed to eliminate the risk of preventable nerve damage. This can be accomplished by distributing pressure evenly (or removing pressure altogether) around sensitive nerve areas such as the head, neck, shoulders, arms, perineum, etc.

Proven Pressure Management

Positioning materials must be designed to address the unique perioperative pressure management challenges. In a study of 15 subjects ranging from 16-54 BMI (average BMI 35.5), Xodus Medical's patented positioning solutions provided an average peak pressure reduction of 43%.

  • Excessive pressure on head, neck and shoulders can result in injury of the Brachial Plexus nerves
  • Injuries to the ulnar nerve (28%) or brachial plexus (20%) are most common during surgery1
  • Leveraging the perineum against a rigid post during hip distraction can result in pudendal nerve neurapraxia and in some cases, erectile dysfunction

Pressure Map
Images shown are of the same 30.85 BMI subject, on a solid surface, with and without the Pink Pad. Tests were conducted with an Xsensor Sensor Pad Model PX 100:48.144.02

Driven by Data,
Validated Through Experience

Study in the Journal of Orthopedic and Traumatology

“In the control group, 15 patients reported pudendal nerve neurapraxia with an average duration of 10 days... Two patients (4% of the males) in the control group reported erectile dysfunction of 4 months. None reported pudendal complications in the postless group.”   View  >

Duke Health Article

“Transitioning away from using the typical setup for hip arthroscopy, all Duke hip specialists have adopted as best practice an innovative postless distraction system, which has been shown to cause fewer potential postoperative complications.”   View  >

The Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology

“…There was significantly less pain in the Pink Pad group… [it] presents a novel opportunity to limit the narcotic requirement after minimally invasive gynecologic surgery.”   View  >
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