Sterile Processing Solutions

Safer Options for the SPD

Safer Options for the SPD

Sterile Processing Products

GreenGuard Corner Protectors

Reusable Solutions for Surgical Tray Protection

Corner and Edge Protectors in use

Simplify Tray Protection

Ideal for heavy trays, both steam and Sterrad compatible, works equally well on square or round-corner trays

Reduce Reprocessing Time

Greater airflow decreases drying time and eliminates moisture retention

Increase Patient Safety

Imperfections in sterile wrapping provide opportunities for contamination, thereby increasing the risk of SSI.1 Because sterile wrap perforations are often overlooked in the Operating Room, prevention of tears or perforations is critical.2

Protect the Environment

Reusable, recyclable, reduces the need for extra sterile wraps

"Minimum re-sterilization 'wait cost' for the OR [is] $1,342 (per incident)... Instrument availability and reliability are essential to a well-run, cost-effective OR environment."3

Single-Use Corner Protectors

Single-Use Solutions for Surgical Tray Protection

Corner Protectors in use

  • Create a soft barrier to protect sterilization wrap from sharp corners; prevent holes and/or tears
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs created by contaminated surgical trays (Average savings: $40 per contaminated tray)
  • Avoid double-wrapping trays
  • Cost-effective solution
Depth Comparison

The CamelTM Mat

Solutions for Maintaining
Clean, Dry Hospital Floors

The Camel Mat

Standard Absorbant Mat
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The Camel Mat

Ultra Absorbant Mat
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The Camel Mat

Max Absorbant Mat
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Contaminants on the floor such as water, grease, and body fluids are the leading cause of slip, trip, and fall incidents in healthcare facilities.4 Camel Mats from Xodus Medical help address these common safety concerns.

Versatile Solutions

Camel Mat layers

At Home in the OR,
Sterile Processing Department,
or Anywhere Floor Protection
is Needed

Choose from:
  • Three levels of Camel Mat absorbency
  • Multiple sizes and configurations
  • Single-Use, reusable and/or reposable solutions
  • Various designs to fit your specific needs

Extra Large Camel Mats are particularly useful in Sterile Processing Departments, near cart washers

Mats by Sink
Extend the life of Soft Step Mats with single-use, fitted Camel Mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Increase Safety and Comfort for Hospital Staff

The Soft Step

Many Options, Total Comfort
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The Mirage

with Suction Port
Fluid Management
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“Prolonged standing during surgical procedures poses a high risk of causing musculoskeletal disorders, including back, leg, and foot pain, which can be chronic or acute in nature.”  — AORN Journal June, 2011

Combination Mats

The Industry's Only Anti-Fatigue Mat
with Fluid Absorption Properties

The Oasis™ Mat helps deter the onset of muscle fatigue and keeps hospital floors clean, dry, and safe.

At the core of the Oasis, between two layers of shock absorbing, closed-cell foam, is the same ultra-absorbent material featured in the Camel™ Mat. An impermeable barrier prevents fluid from reaching the hospital floor, while a non-slip backing keeps the mat securely in place. U.S. Patent: 10,188,570


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