Trendelenburg Safety

Addressing the Challenge

Xodus Medical is committed to providing Trendelenburg positioning solutions that not only prevent patient sliding, but do so safely. Comprehensive positioning systems should emphasize total patient safety; including prevention of nerve damage, HAPI formation, and the elimination of sliding even for heavy, high BMI patients.

The Pink Pad family of products offer uniquely designed, complete solutions for steep Trendelenburg positioning. The Pink Pad itself has been awarded nine (9) individual US Patents. It is simply the safest, most effective and easiest to use patient positioning system of its kind.

Explore our Trendelenburg positioning solutions

The Pink Pad XL with Standard One-Step Arm Protectors and Head Positioner
The Pink Pad XL with Standard One-Step Arm Protectors
The Pink Pad XL

Complete Patient Protection

OneStep Face Protector
The One-Step Face Protector safeguards the patient’s face, eyes and head from injury due to accidental contact with surgical instruments.
Quantity: 4 / case

Large OneStep Arm Protectors with DermaProx
11" x 15"
Quantity: 4 / case

OneStep Arm Protectors with DermaProx
The One-Step Arm protectors are a simple, quick solution that protect the ulnar nerve from pressure related complications, as well as the fingertips from pinching trauma at the point of stirrup attachment.
Quantity: 4 / case

Adult Head Positioner with Pink Pad Top and Bottom
Provides anatomically correct positioning of the neck and head in both prone and supine position. Patented Pink Pad material helps prevent HAPIs and keeps patient from moving during prone procedures.
Quantity: 16 / case
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