Spinal / Prone Safety

Addressing the Challenge

Localized areas of the patient are subjected to abnormal levels of stress during surgical procedures, potentially resulting in poor tissue perfusion with ischemia, tissue breakdown, and the development of pressure injuries1. Prone positioning, in particular, is identified as a significant predictor of these occurrences2.

Antiquated positioning systems, counter to their intended effect, may intensify risks of HAPI formation. For example, direct contact with non-breathable surfaces may increase the risk of skin maceration and tissue breakdown when moisture cannot dissipate at a natural rate. Additionally, abrasive surfaces may increase friction during and after positioning, increasing the risk of tissue damage and pressure injury. It is estimated that the cost incurred by hospitals per HAPI incident is $43,1803. Unfortunately, patients under general anesthesia lack both protective reflexes and the ability to communicate, exposing them completely to the risks of these hospital acquired injuries.

Xodus Medical has developed a focused line of products dedicated to improving patient safety in prone positions. We work closely with OR staff members and patient safety advocates to minimize positioning related risks. Our approach to reducing HAPI formation involves:

Specialty materials that are open-celled and breathable
Maintain ideal levels of moisture, pH, etc. near the patients skin
Products that are soft to the touch, supportive and shape conforming
Reduce friction and skin shearing
Single-use designs
Reduce the risk of surgical site infections and cross-contamination
Latex Free, Fire-Retardant guarantee
Guards against allergic reactions and environmental risks
Products that inflate and/or take shape immediately upon removal from packaging
Improve surgical set-up times

1 Spruce L, Van Wicklin SA. Back to basics: positioning the patient. AORN J. 2014;100(3):299-303.

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3 Armstrong DG, Ayello EA, Capitulo KL, et al. New opportunities to improve pressure ulcer prevention and treatment: Implications of the CMS inpatient hospital care present on admission (POA) indicators/hospital-acquired conditions (HAC) policy. A consensus paper from the International Expert Would Care Advisory Panel. Wounds. 2008;35(5), 485Y492. DOI: 10.1097/01.WON.0000335960.68113.82.

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"I am very passionate about patient safety and improving the way we position in the OR. I believe the Xodus Medical Jackson & Wilson kits support our mission in providing and improving, quality patient outcomes."

       - Maria H. Kramer RN, BSN Director, Neurosurgery-Operating Room Pittsburgh, PA

"Skin reddening and breakdown on the patient's chin and bony prominences while prone for an extended period of time during a spine case were evident in the past. These challenges concerned me because they had the potential to become open invitations to skin breakdown on the patients during these extended cases. We changed to using the Xodus Surgical BackPacks for the torso, chest, hip and thigh pads on our Jackson Table and the torso pads on the Wilson frames for spinal surgery. The Xodus products have greatly decreased skin redness and breakdown on the chin and bony prominences during long spinal cases. I have greater peace of mind using these products knowing that our patients are safe and better protected. I am very pleased with the custom designed pads for the Wilson Torso pillows on our Wilson frame. I'd recommend that OR staffs trial the Xodus Positioning products on their OR equipment and let the results speak for themselves."

- Mary Ann Pruskowski, RN, BSN, BSHA, CNOR, Neuro

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