HAPI Prevention

Addressing the Challenge

Hospital Acquired Pressure Injury risks are magnified during surgery when anesthetized patients cannot feel pain or voluntarily adjust their position. Xodus Medical listens to patient advocates in the OR and develops positioning solutions that help mitigate those risks. Our products are carefully designed to help our customers comply with up-to-date AORN Patient Positioning Guidelines for pressure management and also prevent CMS Never Events related to HAPI formation.

By developing products that are unique, both in terms of design and material quality, Xodus Medical has become a trusted resource for clinicians seeking to enhance their HAPI prevention initiatives. Our positioning solutions offer unmatched levels of support, breathability, softness, moisture management, body-heat retention, etc. Additionally, we recognize the need to establish standards of care by surgical specialty, or even for a particular set of procedures. For example, rates of HAPI formation among Cardiac surgery patients are reported to be as high as 29%.* On a broader basis, procedures lasting longer than 2.5-3 hours are significantly more likely to cause skin and underlying tissue damage.* In addition to patient safety risks, HAPI formation burdens hospitals with treatment costs, ranging from $5,000 to $90,000 per incident.

We are committed to working with our customers in an effort to address the challenge of reducing Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries and, ultimately, improving the safety and satisfaction of our patients.

*Nursing Management, 2017

Hear what our customers are saying

"I am very passionate about patient safety and improving the way we position in the OR. I believe the Xodus Medical Jackson & Wilson kits support our mission in providing and improving, quality patient outcomes."

       - Maria H. Kramer RN, BSN Director, Neurosurgery-Operating Room Pittsburgh, PA

"Skin reddening and breakdown on the patient's chin and bony prominences while prone for an extended period of time during a spine case were evident in the past. These challenges concerned me because they had the potential to become open invitations to skin breakdown on the patients during these extended cases. We changed to using the Xodus Surgical BackPacks for the torso, chest, hip and thigh pads on our Jackson Table and the torso pads on the Wilson frames for spinal surgery. The Xodus products have greatly decreased skin redness and breakdown on the chin and bony prominences during long spinal cases. I have greater peace of mind using these products knowing that our patients are safe and better protected. I am very pleased with the custom designed pads for the Wilson Torso pillows on our Wilson frame. I'd recommend that OR staffs trial the Xodus Positioning products on their OR equipment and let the results speak for themselves."

- Mary Ann Pruskowski, RN, BSN, BSHA, CNOR, Neuro

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