The Pink Pad Reverse T Kit features a unique seat that helps prevent patients from sliding during reverse trendelenburg

  • Safely prevents unwanted patient movement
  • Excellent pressure distribution characteristics
  • Immersive and enveloping: protects patients’ individual contours
  • Reduces the risk of HAPI’s
  • Breathable and moisture wicking
  • Minimizes cross-contamination
  • Ease of use in under 1 minute

Reverse Trendelenburg Positioning

Prevents patient movement during reverse trendelenburg procedures

The increasing prevalence of bariatric surgery brings with it a need for new, more advanced solutions for safe patient positioning. The Pink Pad Reverse Trendelenburg Kit is a comprehensive system designed specifically for high BMI patients, addressing patient safety challenges on a number of fronts:
Skin protection: The Pink Pad Reverse T Kit provides a truly safe patient/positioner interface, utilizing a Patented, open-cell, breathable material with unparalleled immersion and envelopment characteristics. Address the growing risk of HAPIs and associated CMS Never Events head-on with the Pink Pad Reverse T kit.
Sliding in Reverse Trendelenburg: Utilizing the same technology that revolutionized Trendelenburg positioning, the Pink Pad Reverse T kit delivers unmatched performance in terms of eliminating unwanted patient movement. Best of all, clinicians can now establish a Standard of Care in bariatric positioning, as every patient regardless of BMI, height, weight, etc. benefits equally from our unique design.
Anatomical Positioning: Incorporating an organic “seat” design compromised of materials that are both skin-friendly and highly supportive, The Pink Pad Reverse T kit helps relieve pressure on joints and extremities throughout surgical procedures.
Complete Coverage: The Pink Pad Reverse T kit offers a complete solution for protecting ALL areas of the patient, including those most at risk for HAPI formation.
Where Is It Used? Bariatric Procedures - Gastric Bypass and Gastric Banding
Upper Abdominal Procedures - Hiatal Hernia and Hernia
Liver Resection, Gastrectomy, Small Bowel Resection, Pancreatic Surgery and Lap Chole


The Pink Pad Reverse Trendelenburg Kit

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