Spinal / Prone Positioning

Traditional table padding covers were not designed with direct skin contact in mind, but rather to protect table padding and only addressed cross-contamination concerns. Resulting skin shearing and post-operative redness, an early indicator for pressure ulcer development, were often present after use of these standard table kits.
Xodus Medical, with the help of a team of neurosurgery professionals, developed the Surgical BackPack line of positioning kits to negate the risk of skin trauma occurring in spinal, neurological and orthopedic procedures. Key kit components feature a protective layer of skin-friendly DermaProx™, a specially-designed material that allows the skin to breathe, preventing moisture build-up and eliminating post-operative redness. This added layer of DermaProx™ also serves as a buffer to address shearing and abrasion, allowing for position refinement without skin injury.
Stand alone DermaProx™ pads are also available to further customize patient positioning at points of table contact. DermaProx™ Pads are free of an adhesive backing that can restrict breathability and trap moisture, leading to dermal breakdown. Additionally, the thickness of the DermaProx™ pads stands up to compression just enough to still permit airflow.
Pre-configured kits have been developed for every major table, but may be tailored to meet your unique requirements. The optional ProneSafe™ head rest can be included to maximize protection against pressure-related injury to all regions of the face.

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