PinkProtect™ kits preserve skin integrity and reduce the likelihood of pressure injury during extended procedures

  • Soft, breathable, shape-conforming material minimizes risk of HAPI’s
  • Reduces skin sheering and breakdown
  • Single-Use minimizes cross-contamination risk
  • Maximizes patient skin safety while minimizing non-reimbursed care costs – avoid preventable skin injuries and CMS Never Events
  • Replaces obsolete positioning devices that do not meet the critical demands of prolonged procedures
  • Minimal set-up and ease of use
  • Patented Material

Prolonged Positioning

Proven, patented positioning solutions that maximize patient safety throughout extended surgical procedures.

  • Featuring DermaProx Pink™ – an immersive, enveloping, breathable and moisture-wicking material for the utmost protection against HAPIs
  • Multiple materials with varying densities to deliver optimal pressure distribution
  • Proven, skin-friendly positioners designed to improve patient safety throughout prolonged surgical procedures
  • Unique designs tailored to the specific requirements of OR patient positioning

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