Light Guard™ - Flexible

  • Eliminates labor intensive reprocessing costs
  • Convenient and cost effective
  • Increases productivity, reduces setup time
  • Allows for standardization throughout your ORs
  • Adapters screw securely into place and are available for all brands
  • Available sterile or non-sterile
  • Can be added to custom trays and packs

Light Handle Covers

Reduce cross-contamination

With patient safety as a priority, the use of light handle covers provides a safe and convenient method for the sterile handling of a non-sterile light, helping to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and SSI in the operating room. Additionally, labor-intensive light handle reprocessing is no longer needed allowing for cost-effective standardization. Light handle adapters are available for a variety of light brands to create uniformity throughout your hospital by utilizing one light handle for multiple surgical lights. Adapters screw securely into place while flexible light handle covers easily slide onto the adapters.
Rigorous testing along with a thicker, stronger, Latex-free material help to ensure the highest standard of quality. Our light handle covers are available sterile or non-sterile in convenient one, two, or three per pack configurations and can also be added to custom trays and packs.
Flange Diameter: 5 1/2" Stem Length: 2"


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