Products in Use

    • Safely eliminates unwanted patient movement
    • Soft, breathable shape-conforming material minimizes risk of HAPIs
    • High density foam provides excellent protection and cushioning
    • Non-slip surface - gently positions patient
    • Protects sensitive skin tissue
    • Vacuum packaged for easy storage
    • Barcoded to facilitate inventory management
    • Latex-free

General Positioning

Increasing Patient Safety in the Operating Room

Single-Use Foam
Our new, higher-density (1.5+ pounds) foam sets the bar for the industry — favorably affecting surgical outcomes by reducing the risk of pressure injuries and nerve damage. It facilitates proper anatomically-correct positioning that promotes optimal post-surgical healing, while diminishing possibilities for cross-contamination exposure. All products are Latex-free and arrive vacuum packed for more efficient storage.
Bariatric Positioning
Designed for high-BMI patients, our bariatric positioners feature our densest of foams. These positioners stand-up to additional weight, offering protection from pressure-related complications where standard positioners would bottom-out. They facilitate proper, anatomically-correct positioning that promotes optimal post-surgical healing. All products are Latex-free and arrive vacuum packed for more efficient storage.
Reusable Gel
Comprised of medical-grade polymer, the Xodus line of Latex-free, Reusable Gel Positioners help prevent potential pressure and shear-related complications by dispersing pressure and body heat as they promote proper patient positioning.
Designed to withstand the rigors of the OR environment, the Xodus Gel Positioners remain soft, durable and unaffected by body fluids and disinfectants. Positioners are bar-coded to facilitate inventory management and are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to ensure proper fit.


Single-Use Foam Positioning
Bariatric Positioning
Reusable Gel Positioning


The Pink Pad XL with Standard One-Step Arm Protectors and Head Positioner
ProneSafe Headrest
The Mojave™ Camel Mat - Ultra Absorbency Mat with cutout
Large One-Step Arm Protectors with DermaProx
Single-Use Large DermaProx™ Pad
Beach Chair Head Restraint with DermaProx and Clip Straps
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