Oasis Mat featuring an absorbent Camel® Mat core between two anti-fatigue layers for maximum comfort and fluid containment. A fluid-proof barrier and non-slip backing keep floors safe and dry.

  • Helps manage and decrease the spread of fluid throughout the OR or department
  • Increases safety by minimizing the possibility of slips and falls
  • Closed-cell material deters the effects of muscle fatigue
  • Aids infection control by reducing exposure to contaminants
  • Save money by reducing OR clean up time

Dual Purpose Mats

Increasing Patient Safety in the OR from the Ground Up

The Oasis deters the onset of muscle fatigue as it helps to keep the OR clean, dry and safe from slips, falls and contaminants. At the core of the Oasis is the same ultra absorbent material featured in the Camel® Mat — sandwiched between two layers of shock absorbing, closed-cell foam. A fluid-proof poly barrier prevents fluid from reaching the OR floor, while the non-slip backing keeps the mat securely in place.
The Mirage combines fluid collection with state of the art anti-fatigue properties to help keep the OR clean, dry and safe. This essential component of an effective Exposure Control Plan aids you in meeting OSHA standards for containment and handling of bloodborne pathogens. Ideal for fluid-heavy procedures, such as arthroscopies and trauma, the Mirage integrates into direct-to-drain and OR suction systems, minimizing exposure to potentially infectious fluid waste.
The closed-cell material of all the anti-fatigue mats also deters the onset of muscle fatigue, which can lead to diminished surgical performance, endangering staff and patient. This material also has non-slip properties with built in tapered channels to prevent OR staff from standing in puddles of liquid.


The Oasis Muliti Mat
The Mirage


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