This kit includes: 1 DermaProx™ lined slotted headrest, 1 pair of arm cradles, 4 DermaProx™ lined square hip and thigh pad covers, 1 DermaProx™ lined kidney shaped chest pad cover

Jackson Kit

SPK10185 - Allen Medical Advance & Spine System Kit

This kit includes: 1 slotted head rest, 1 pair of arm cradles, 4 universal square hip and thigh pad covers, 1 kidney shaped chest pad cover
This kit contains a kidney shaped torso lift cover, and features a layer of breathable, skin-friendly DermaProx™ on pressure-bearing components to minimize post-operative redness that can lead to pressure injury development. All kits are also available with the ProneSafe™ head rest to maximize protection against pressure-related injury to all regions of the face.
Xodus Medical, with the help of a team of neurosurgery professionals, developed the Surgical BackPack™ line of positioning kits to negate the risk of skin trauma occurring in spinal, neurological and orthopedic procedures. Key kit components feature a protective layer of skin-friendly DermaProx™, a specially-designed material that allows the skin to breathe, preventing moisture build-up and eliminating postoperative redness. This added layer of DermaProx™ also serves as a buffer to address shearing and abrasion, allowing for position refinement without skin injury.
Quantity: 6 per case

  • Key components feature a protective layer of DermaProx, a specially designed material that safeguards skin and sensitive tissue
  • Maximizes patient safety while minimizing non-reimbursed care costs — avoid preventable injuries and CMS Never Events
  • Surgical BackPacks are preconfigured to fit most tables


Single-Use Small DermaProx™ Pad
The Sahara™ Camel Mat - Maximum Absorbency Mat
Reticulated Surgical Tray Corner Protectors
Single-Use Square Headrest with Pink Pad Top Layer
The Soft Step XL - Dark green
Trendelenburg Positioning
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