Nasotracheal Tube Immobilizer (NTI)

Nasotracheal Tube Immobilizer (NTI)

Anesthesia Positioning – NS30430

The NTI™ (Nasotracheal Tube Immobilizer) affords safe, rapid and secure nasotracheal tube immobilization, minimizing the risk of accidental extubations and compression injuries. With a setup time of around a minute, the NTI saves valuable O.R. time. The NTI also establishes a universal standard of care — eliminating the need for custom assembly. A pediatric version is also available.
Xodus Medical provides products to aid the anesthesia professional by providing safe, efficient patient care. The Nasotrachial Tube Immobilizer offers a method for securing intubations in dental and maxillofacial procedures that is safe, quick, and consistent, while the One-Step Face Protector safeguards the patient’s face from accidental contact without impeding intubation and permits direct line of site to the patient’s eyes.
Product Dimensions: 9.75" x 2" x 2"
Quantity: 10 per case

  • Specially developed material safeguards skin from HAPIs
  • Minimizes risk of accidental extubations
  • Allows for quick, safe, and secure nasotracheal intubation
  • Protects the patient's face from accidental contact
  • Ample eye cutouts ensure a clear view of the patient's eyes
  • Promotes proper anatomical positioning


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