Savatta Pink Lat Pack - LPK10004

Savatta Pink Lat Pack™

LPK10004 - A new standard for safe, effective and efficient lateral positioning

This kit includes: 7 skin-friendly body straps, 1 set of One Step™ Arm Protectors with DermaProx™, 1 set of Armboard pads with DermaProx™, 1 Adjustable Lateral Headrest, 1 Savatta Style Lateral Leg Positioner, 1 Multi-angle Wedge, 1 small body wedge
Safety Maximized: Increase patient safety with DermaProx™ and DermaProx™ Pink: breathable, moisture-wicking materials that gently immerse and envelope areas prone to pressure injury.
Efficiency Optimized: In clinical trials, an average of 15-20 minutes of OR time was saved during set and initial positioning. When necessary, The Pink Lat Pack™ makes repositioning the patient faster, safer, and easier.
Standard of Care Emphasized: No customization required. Provide a consistent, safe standard of care for every patient, in every procedure, every time. Gentle yet supportive materials offer protection against HAPIs, regardless of weight or BMI.
Quantity: 1 per case

  • Provides correct anatomical positioning for all procedures performed in the lateral position
  • Patented, breathable, skin-friendly material eliminates the risk of HAPIs even during lengthy procedures
  • Significantly reduces set up time
  • Creates a standard of care for all patients

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