Soft Step Mini fits on step stools and is ideal for preventing muscle fatigue during long procedures.

Soft Step Mini

80545 - Single-use anti-fatigue mat for step stool

Standing for long periods of time causes discomfort and fatigue that impedes focus levels of staff. The closed-cell material of our anti-fatigue mats helps prolong staff and surgeon’s work time, gives extra support during long surgeries, and increases patient and staff safety.
Our design features non-slip properties with built-in, tapered channels to prevent healthcare workers from standing in pooled liquids.
Product Dimensions: 13" x 17.25"
Quantity: 10 per case

  • Reduces muscle fatigue during long surgeries or shifts
  • Maintains a high level of performance
  • Tapered channels prevent fluid build-up and puddles
  • Dark green color reduces look of wear
  • Fits stepping stool

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