The Oasis five layer mat

The Oasis

Five layer mat with anti-slip, anti-fatigue, and super absorbent properties

The Oasis deters the onset of muscle fatigue as it helps to keep the OR clean, dry and safe from slips, falls and contaminants. At the core of the Oasis is the same ultra absorbent material featured in the Camel® Mat — sandwiched between two layers of shock absorbing, closed-cell foam. A fluid-proof poly barrier prevents fluid from reaching the OR floor, while the non-slip backing keeps the mat securely in place.
Product Dimensions: 35.50" x 20.75"
Quantity: 8 per case

  • Increase infection control by reducing exposure to contaminants
  • Increase safety by minimizing possibility of injury from slips and falls
  • Saves money by reducing OR turnover time
  • Maximize performance by reducing muscle fatigue

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