Camel Cord Covers help prevent trips and falls in the OR. The absorbent Camel mat material absorbs and contains fluids, further increasing safety.

Camel™ Cord Cover - Small

80528 - Single-Use adhesive and absorbent cord cover

The Camel Cord Cover was designed to help OR staff organize tubes and cords.
The Camel™ line of fluid management mats is the first line of defense against OR injuries and the spread of infection. The top layer is embedded with a fluid-absorbing polymer that keeps fluid in the mat, not on the floor. The second layer is a liquid-proof poly barrier that acts as a secondary measure of fluid retention.
Two peel strips on the back reveal residue-free adhesive which secures the cover to the floor. This feature keeps cords safely secured in place and decreases the risk of trips and falls.
Product Dimensions: 9.5" x 24"
Quantity: 40 per case

  • Designed to aid in organization of cords and tubes on the floor
  • Helps prevent trips and falls in the OR
  • Aids in compliance with AORN recommendations for safely securing cords
  • Bright color provides easy visibility of cord location for staff
  • Made of a durable material that can be walked on or rolled over
  • Easy to apply, easy to remove, easy to reposition
  • Features residue-free adhesive, eliminating the need to use duct-tape in the OR
  • Single-use and Latex free

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