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The Pink Hip Kit by Xodus Medical is a game changing advancement in terms of patient safety for hip procedures. Our complete positioning system eliminates both the need for a perineal post and any associated risk of nerve injury to the perineum. Additionally, patented skin-friendly materials safeguard areas of the patient susceptible to Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries.
Trials have resulted in better patient outcomes because of significantly reduced postoperative pain, improved recovery times and overall patient satisfaction. Surgeons have reported that procedures can be performed more completely, in less time and with greater ease.
The postless approach makes distraction safer by reducing traction time and force, while a greater range of motion and improved surgical access during allow for a more complete dynamic exam.
Various Pink Hip Kit designs allow the surgeon to utilize their existing equipment and techniques, making the transition to “Postless” easy and economical.
" …large amount of pressure is applied to the perineum area that can be associated with skin injury and nerve injury and can happen as high as 30-35%. If you can eliminate the post, you can actually reduce that complication to the perineum down to 0%. "

-Joshua D. Harris, MD
Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery
Institute of Academic Medicine
Quantity: 3 per case

  • Eliminates risk of nerve injury to the groin
  • Postless approach requires shorter traction time, makes distraction easier and improves C-arm visualization to allow for a more dynamic exam
  • Significantly reduces post-operative pain and recovery times
  • Requires no change to surgical technique
  • Afford greater range of motion during surgery, making complex procedures easier
  • Optional DermaProx™ lined Bootliners reduce risk of nerve injury to foot and ankle
  • Reduces healthcare system cost burdens
  • Kits available for various tables
  • Patented technology

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