20-40 Count Half Foam Block, Half Magnet Tray

Needle Counters

70412 - Sterile 20-40 Count Half Foam Block, Half Magnet Tray

Retained Surgical Items (RSIs) can pose a serious threat to patient well-being and cost a healthcare institution upwards of $160,0001 per incident. To aid in eliminating the risk of RSIs, Xodus Medical offers a wide range of solutions to complement your Sharps Safety Work Protocols — supporting your compliance with CMS Never Events and directives from OSHA, AORN and The Joint Commission’s Sentinel Event Alerts. Counting trays extend safety beyond accounting to reducing risk of accidental needle sticks and consequential cross-contamination from bloodborne pathogens. Available products include foam and magnetic sharps counters to address suture needle, blade and syringe accounting in an array of capacities to accommodate your surgical practices.
Be sure to see our full line of Sharps Safety Solutions for addressing safe transfer, handling and disposal.
1The Joint Commission Sentinel Event Alert; Issue 51, October, 2013.
Product Dimensions: 4 3/4" x 2 1/16" x 1 7/16"
Quantity: 64 per case

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