EZ Count Sponge Counter with blue backing

Count EZ Sponge Counter Bag

50500-Blue Backing Sponge Counter Bag

The unintended retention of foreign objects (URFOs) – also called retained surgical items (RSIs) – after invasive procedures can cause death, and surviving patients may sustain both physical and emotional harm, depending on the type of object retained and the length of time it is retained. Retained foreign objects are most commonly detected immediately post-procedure; by X-ray; during routine follow-up visits; or from the patient’s report of pain or discomfort.
URFOs refer to any item or foreign object related to any operative or invasive procedure that is left inside a patient. Objects most commonly left behind after a procedure are soft goods, such as sponges and towels. Not only does a URFO harm the patient, but it also significantly adds to the average total cost of caring for the patient. In a recent review, the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority estimated that the average total cost of care related to a URFO is about $166,000.
Xodus Medical’s Count EZ Sponge Counters help OR staff keep track of sponges used during procedures and provide a place to contain them while helping to prevent cross-contamination.
Product Dimensions: Total Length 38.25"
Pocket Length 10"
Pocket Width 7"
Quantity: 250 per case

  • Excellent visibility for counting sponges
  • Reduces body fluid contact
  • Accurate measurement for assessing absorbed fluid
  • Meets AORN recommended practices
  • Five pockets with divided seal that accommodates 5-laps or ten 4X4's
  • More efficient better organized one pocket one sponge method of counting

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