2 Piece Beach Chair Head Restraint with DermaProx™

2 Piece Beach Chair Head Restraint with DermaProx™

40762 - Shoulder Arthroscopy

The safer alternative for securely holding the head in proper anatomically-correct position during beach chair procedures. This product has one part that wraps around the patient’s chin and one that wraps around the patient’s forehead. The forehead strap features a strip of DermaProx™ provides an advanced layer of skin protection that promotes breathability and safe-guards against redness, shearing, abrasion and pressure injury.
Xodus Medical, with the help of a team of neurosurgery professionals, developed the Surgical BackPack line of positioning kits to negate the risk of skin trauma occurring in spinal, neurological and orthopedic procedures. Key kit components feature a protective layer of skin-friendly DermaProx™, a specially-designed material that allows the skin to breathe, preventing moisture build-up and eliminating postoperative redness. This added layer of DermaProx also serves as a buffer to address shearing and abrasion, allowing for position refinement without skin injury.
Product Dimensions: Strap 1: 35.5" x 5"
Strap 2: 39" x 2"
Quantity: 20 per case

  • Breathable, latex-free DermaProx™ lining provides superior protection from skin breakdown
  • Soft straps prevent irritation of delicate facial tissue
  • Extra wide cut-out provides an optimal view of patient’s eyes
  • Available for various Beach Chair tables


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