The Pink Pad Reverse-T Kit features a unique seat that helps prevent patients from sliding during reverse trendelenburg

The Pink Pad® Reverse T Kit

Reverse Trendelenburg Positioning System – 40640

The Pink Pad Reverse Trendelenburg Kit represents a superior approach to safely preventing unwanted movement during reverse trendelenburg procedures and is anatomically designed to enhance patient safety.
An innovative seat mound of high-density, bariatric foam helps support the patient and combined with Pink Pad® material that helps prevent patient movement while in Reverse Trendelenburg. The raised seat of bariatric foam provides contoured support while the advanced Pink Pad® material molds and conforms to hold the patient gently, but securely.
Quantity: 2 per case

  • Unique seat “bump” safely prevents unwanted patient movement while in reverse trendelenburg
  • Helps relieve pressure on the arms, legs & feet
  • Softly molds & conforms to the patient contours
  • Reduces the risk of HAPI’s
  • Breathable and moisture wicking
  • Minimizes cross-contamination
  • Ease of use in under 1 minute


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