Pink Pad EXT Economy Kit

  • Patented Pink Pad material protects peak pressure points (scapula, sacrum, heels) from skin breakdown and pressure ulcer formation
  • Open-cell design wicks away moisture
  • Head positioner features Pink Pad material to maximize skin protection and aid in proper anatomical positioning
  • One-Step™ Arm Protectors protect fingers, hands, and arms from unintentional contact and ulnar nerve injury while maintaining easy access to pulse oximeter and IV site
  • Pink Heart Pad Kit

    40598 - Pink Pad Ext Economy Kit

    This kit includes: 1 single use Pink Pad Ext, 1 lift sheet, 1 set of single-use body straps
    The Pink Pad Ext has all the patented properties of the original Pink Pad, but now comes in new length that fits most OR tables. The Pink Pad Ext was designed to help reduce skin breakdown and postoperative redness for long procedures.
    Our clinically-preferred system works in conjunction with OR Table pads and various heating devices to help maintain the optimal body temperature during prolonged procedures. Xodus Medical’s Pink Pad material helps prevent skin breakdown and helps protect high pressure areas on the body’s surface, thus preventing poor perfusion of tissues resulting in ischemia, tissue breakdown and HAPIs.

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