OneStep Face Protector

One-Step™ Face Protector

Anesthesia Positioning – 40589

The robotic face protector presents a streamlined solution to protect the face from accidental robotic contact. The low-profile design is augmented by airway channels for anesthesia as well as a transparent eye guard to maximize safety
The One-Step Face Protector safeguards the patient’s face, eyes and head from injury due to accidental contact with surgical instruments. It is suitable for use in all procedures that position the patient in supine and is especially effective for robotic cases. The low-profile design does not interfere with the movement of surgical robot. The clear, peel-away, poly visor protects the eyes, while affording line of sight for the OR staff. An intubation channel and split-chin design facilitate anesthesia with ample accessibility. The lightweight, shock-absorbing base features a layer of skin-friendly DermaProx™ to protect against tissue breakdown and HAPI formation
Xodus Medical provides products to aid the anesthesia professional by providing safe, efficient patient care. The One-Step Face Protector safeguards the patient’s face from accidental contact without impeding intubation and permits direct line of site to the patient’s eyes.
Product Dimensions: 12.5" x 10.5"
Quantity: 4 per case

  • Specially developed material safeguards skin from HAPIs
  • Ideal for robotically assisted procedures
  • Shock absorbing, lightweight, full-face, protective foam mask
  • Exterior plastic shielding lends an added layer of protection and provides for an audible “click” to warn of contact
  • Three intubation channels and split-chin design maximize access and intubation options
  • Patented skin-friendly DermaProx™ material safeguards against skin breakdown at points of contact
  • Head and chin straps secure the mask in place integrated head rest maintains patient positioning and comfort
  • Low profile design does not interfere with surgical robot
  • Save valuable OR time — eliminate makeshift solutions
  • Increase patient safety and create a universal standard of care
  • Patent No. 10,842,206


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