Supine Positioning Kit

Supine Positioning Kit

Single-Use High Density Purple Foam - 40550

This kit contains: 1 9-inch headrest, 1 pair of ulnar nerve protectors, 1 pair of heel protectors, 1 chest roll. Provides anatomically correct positioning of the neck, head, elbows and forearms during prone procedures while protecting the Ulnar Nerve and heels from pressure related complications. Soft, skin-friendly foam helps prevent HAPIs.

Our new, higher-density (1.5+ pounds) foam sets the bar for the industry — favorably affecting surgical outcomes by reducing the risk of pressure injuries and nerve damage. It facilitates proper anatomically-correct positioning that promotes optimal post-surgical healing, while diminishing possibilities for cross-contamination exposure. All products are latex free and arrive vacuum packed for more efficient storage.
Quantity: 6 per case

  • Helps prevent Non-Reimbursed CMS Never Events and HAPIs
  • Single-use to reduce cross-contamination risk
  • Vacuum packed for more efficient storage

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