PinkProtect Arm Board Pads

PinkProtect™ Arm Board Pad


Provides protection and support to bony prominence such as elbows and wrists. Soft, skin-friendly foam helps prevent HAPIs.

New PinkProtect™ safer positioning solutions feature enveloping layers of DermaProx Pink™, a patented, open-cell, soft, breathable, moisture-wicking material designed to protect patients and reduce the risk of Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries. Special High-Density cores provide immersive, resilient support throughout lengthy positioning intervals.
Product Dimensions: 28.75" x 7.8" x 1.5"
Quantity: 8 per case

  • Proven, skin-friendly positioners designed to address the specific patient safety challenges of the OR
  • Featuring DermaProx Pink™ – a breathable, soft, moisture wicking material for the utmost protection against HAPI formation
  • Supportive, high-density cores that help distribute pressure during lengthy patient positioning intervals

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