Prone Positioning Kit

Prone Positioning Kit

Single-Use High Density Purple Foam - 40540

This kit contains: 1 slotted prone headrest, 2 chest rolls, 1 pair of arm cradles. Provides anatomically correct positioning of the neck, head, elbows and forearms during prone procedures. Slots also make it easy to accommodate and manage endotracheal tubes during procedures. Soft, skin-friendly foam helps prevent HAPIs.

Our new, higher-density (1.5+ pounds) foam sets the bar for the industry — favorably affecting surgical outcomes by reducing the risk of pressure injuries and nerve damage. It facilitates proper anatomically-correct positioning that promotes optimal post-surgical healing, while diminishing possibilities for cross-contamination exposure. All products are latex free and arrive vacuum packed for more efficient storage.
Quantity: 6 per case

  • Helps prevent Non-Reimbursed CMS Never Events and HAPIs
  • Single-use to reduce cross-contamination risk
  • Vacuum packed for more efficient storage

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