These Pink Hip Kit H Series Boot Liners are lined with DermaProx™ to protect high-pressure area from HAPI formation.

Traction Boot Liners

40531H - H Pink Hip Kit

Comprised of medical-grade polymer, the Xodus line of Latex-free, Dual layer protection helps secure and cushion the patient’s foot in anatomically correct position while in traction. Boot Liners feature a protective layer of soft, breathable and moisture-wicking DermaProx™ to help minimize the risk of skin redness and tissue breakdown.
Product Dimensions: 11" x 11.5"
Quantity: 18 per case

  • Dual layer protection cushions the patient’s foot
  • DermaProx™ layer promotes breathability and minimizes the risk of skin redness and tissue breakdown
  • Reduces set-up time and creates a standard of care
  • Bootliners are available for various tables
  • Single-use design reduces cross-contamination risk


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