A breathable and skin-friendly material that helps protect against pressure related injury

  • Open-cell and breathable material is designed to protect against skin damage/breakdown
  • Reduces friction and helps keep skin dry and intact
  • Creates a protective barrier for skin without use of sticky adhesives that can risk skin tears or maceration
  • Available in two sizes; 8" x 11" and 11" x 15"
  • Prevents CMS Never Events and complies with AORN 2018 Patient Positioning Guidelines for pressure management
  • Single-use eliminates risk of cross-contamination.

Small DermaProx™ Pad

Breathable, Adhesive-Free Protection - 40527

It’s often said that less is more. Such is the case with DermaProx™. It has been so effective at protecting patients from HAPIs on our Surgical BackPack™ spinal kits that we've made it available as a stand-alone product. But it's just as much about what DermaProx won’t do as it is about what it will do.
There is no adhesive layer to compromise airflow, or risk skin tearing, or remain on table surfaces to hold contaminants. It won't trap moisture which can place patients at risk for skin maceration. What it will do is allow airflow to the patient's skin, promoting breathability, keeping skin dry and intact. It will eliminate friction, providing a barrier against abrasion and shearing. It will show a visible reduction in post-operative skin redness — an early indicator of the onset of dermal breakdown. It will provide you the freedom to fine tune patient positioning. Most of all, it will grant you peace of mind. DermaProx is designed to comply with the AORN Guideline for Positioning the Patient and reduces risk of CMS Never Events. Include DermaProx in your pressure injury prevention program to protect bony prominences and trouble areas such as the sacrum, iliac crests and heels. Experience the DermaProx Difference.


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