Adjustable lateral headrest

Adjustable Lateral Headrest

with DermaProx Pink material - 40471

Provides anatomically correct positioning of the head and neck during lateral positioning. A perforated bottom portion allows for a height adjustment of 3 inches. An ear hole reduces pressure points that can lead to skin breakdown while providing comfort for the patient. The high side of the headrest keeps the patient's head in position, while the lower side allows Anesthesia professionals to easily access to the patient's face.

A top layer of patented DermaProx Pink material has been specially-developed for direct skin contact to eliminate post-operative skin redness. This breathable, skin-friendly material molds and conforms to the patient’s contour negating the risk of hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPIs).

Our new, higher-density (1.5+ pounds) foam sets the bar for the industry — favorably affecting surgical outcomes by reducing the risk of pressure injuries and nerve damage. It facilitates proper anatomically-correct positioning that promotes optimal post-surgical healing, while diminishing possibilities for cross-contamination exposure. All products are latex free and arrive vacuum packed for more efficient storage.
Product Dimensions: 9.75 x 8 x 9
Quantity: 6 per case

  • Provides support and comfort with breathable, skin-friendly Pink Pad™ material
  • Purple perforated foam at the bottom allows for a height adjustment of 3 inches
  • Ear hole provides comfort for patient and reduces pressure points that can lead to skin breakdown
  • Latex-free and vacuum packed for more efficient storage


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