Reticulated Style Foam -- 1.25” Thickness

  • Unique open-cell, reticulated design allows for maximum airflow and fluid drainage
  • Protect sterile wrappings from rips, tears, holes and moisture retention
  • Multiple design, thickness options
  • Save time and money associated with tray contamination & reprocessing (over $40 per tray)
  • Single-use design does not need to be returned to SPD or replaced if discarded
  • Compatible with steam and ETO sterilization methods

Reticulated Surgical Tray Corner Protectors

40462 - 4 Pre-Cut Surgical Tray Corner Protectors with Reticulated Style Foam -- 1.25” Thickness -

Operating Room efficiency starts in the Sterile Processing Department with effective sterilization and preparation of surgical trays. Prevent moisture retention and unwanted tears in sterile tray-wraps with Xodus Medical's line of single-use Surgical Tray Corner Protectors. Our reticulated foam Surgical Tray Corner Protectors ensure maximum airflow and moisture management while providing a soft, supportive barrier to protect sterile wrappings.
The average cost of reprocessing contaminated surgical trays is reported to be over $40 per tray. Lost OR time (valued at $100 per minute) associated with unexpected tray reprocessing can become incredibly costly. Additionally, Sterile Processing Departments are often faced with unforeseen costs when expensive, reusable products are accidentally discarded within the OR.
Several sizes are available to support and protect wrappings of even the heaviest surgical trays. Our material is compatible with both steam and ETO sterilization techniques. Our single-use design provides an effective and cost-friendly solution that aids in reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

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