The See Sharp - A Clearer Vision to Patient Safety

  • Consistently heats anti-fog solution to an ideal temperature
  • Offers extended battery life — up to 5 hours
  • LED light softly illuminates the sterile field and indicates on/off status
  • Included microfiber cloth provides scratch-free, dust-free cleaning
  • Easy to use within seconds of unpackaging
  • Dual seals prevent leaking
  • Included 12mm. and 5mm. trocar swabs with safety rings facilitate debris removal from trocar

The See Sharp

30977 - A Clearer Vision of Patient Safety

The See Sharp is an innovative, new approach for cleaning and defogging laparoscopes during surgery. By attaching directly to the trocar, this patented system improves efficiency and allows surgeons to maintain a sharper view of what matters most — patient safety.

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