The See Sharp - A Sharper View of Patient Safety

The See Sharp

30977 - A Sharper View of Patient Safety

The See Sharp by Xodus Medical is a thoughtfully designed, complete solution for the cleaning and warming of laparoscopes during minimally invasive surgery.

The ever-increasing popularity of minimally invasive surgery has brought with it a demand for products that help improve surgical efficiency, reduce cost, and support positive patient outcomes.

The See Sharp attaches directly to the trocar allowing for instantaneous transfer of laparoscopic lenses between cleaning, warming, and surgical ports. Thoughtful engineering allows for precise cleaning of the laparoscope without contributing to surgical downtime. This new approach helps clinicians focus on what matters most: the safety of their patients.
Our Patented solution was designed based on feedback from clinicians who demand a product that performs. Every aspect of the See Sharp is focused on improving the surgical process:

  • Designed to operate within a temperature range safe for all scopes, including robotics
  • The See Sharp easily attaches to both 5mm and 12mm trocars
  • Thermostatically controlled, heated anti-fog solution ensures fog-free imaging
  • Two separate seals ensure that The See Sharp maintains ample anti-fog solution throughout the procedure
  • A reserve bottle of anti-fog solution ensures that your MIS procedure requires only one See Sharp unit, reducing both cost and unnecessary waste
  • Fast and thorough cleaning of laparoscopes is aided by the inclusion of a white-balancing microfiber cloth and integrated, open-cell foam cleaning pads
  • Integrated safety rings eliminate the risk of trocar swabs getting stuck within the trocar or the patient during procedures
  • High-performance batteries last up to five hours
  • Integrated LED allows surgeon to quickly identify a "powered-on" status
  • The See Sharp may be used anywhere in the OR; from the sterile field to the back-table
  • Ergonomic, sterile packaging maximizes storage efficiency and helps improve aseptic technique
  • Laparoscopes are protected when cleaning with dual-layered foam padding at the base of the anti-fog solution reservoir
  • The See Sharp’s physical footprint is up to 50% more compact and environmentally friendly than other solutions; reducing waste and promoting ease-of-use
Quantity: 16 per case

  • Designed to operate within a temperature range safe for all scopes, including robotics
  • Offers extended battery life — up to 5 hours
  • LED light indicates on/off status
  • Includes (1) white balancing microfiber cloth provides scratch-free and dust-free cleaning
  • Easy to use within seconds of unpackaging
  • Dual seals prevent leaking
  • Included 12mm. and 5mm. trocar swabs with safety rings facilitate debris removal from trocar
  • Patents: 10,080,488; 10,575,722; 10,881,284; 10,939,812; Additional Patents Pending


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