Fetal Monitoring Strap - Button hole design

Labor and Delivery Strap with Button Holes

30150 - 200 each 100 packs of 2

Our Fetal Monitoring Straps are engineered to provide maximum comfort to the patient while securing CTG transducers. The buttonhole-style belt features an elastic material that affords adjustability while remaining soft to the skin. Transducers with winged/tabbed securement loops can be affixed with our soft-knit terry-style straps which feature velcro closures for adjustability. Select the option that is suited to your transducer type.
Product Dimensions: 48"
Quantity: 100 per case

  • Woven knit material provides the softest comfort for the patient
  • Elasticity offers flexibility with sizing
  • Tab attachment / button hole allows ease of adjustability
  • Provides secure positioning

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