Electrosurgical Pencil Rocker Switch with Holster

ES Pencil Rocker Switch with Holster

21850 - 2.5" Blade Electrode PTFE Coated

Designed to accommodate varying surgeon preferences, Xodus Medical Electrosurgical Pencils are offered in both push-button and rocker-switch form. Top quality construction ensures ideal hand-feel and tactical feedback from the switches, helping to optimize control. Patient safety is maximized through strict quality control and the use of premium materials. Performance is exceptional at lower power settings, helping to minimize thermal necrosis risk. Optional preloaded, PTFE electrodes minimize eschar buildup.
Product Dimensions: Sleeve: 2.5”
Quantity: 50 per case

  • PTFE (Non-stick coating) and stainless steel blades
  • Variety of sizes and styles of tips available
  • Available in push button or rocker switch configurations
  • 10 foot cord with universal 3-prong connector that will fit most generators
  • Accepts any standard 3/32 in (0.24cm) diameter electrode

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