Scalpel Holder

  • Handle has the same length and shape of a traditional scalpel
  • Protection to reduce accidental sharps injuries
  • Holds up to four scalpels
  • Holds scalpels in safe position preventing accidental cuts or sticks
  • Convenient angled design arranges scalpels in ready-to-use position
  • Compact design, takes up little space on mayo stand
  • Adhesive tab on back secures Scalpel Holder to work surface

Scalpel Holder

20220 - Sterile Single Use

Scalpel injuries comprise the second most frequent cause of surgical sharps injuries1 and surgeons and first assistants sustain up to 59% of OR sharps injuries.2 The Xodus Medical Safety Scalpel line represents a safer alternative to the traditional scalpel — offering a retractable, removable blade cartridge system designed to help you comply with AORN guidelines3 and OSHA requirements for reducing these sharps injuries.
As the most quintessential of all surgical implements, the scalpel functions almost as an extension of the surgeon. Recognizing the importance of the “feel” of the instrument, Xodus Medical has crafted the handle of Safety Scalpel to the same weight, shape and size of a traditional scalpel. And just like its predecessor, it can be cleaned, sterilized and reused in the same manner. The color-coded safety blade cartridges are available in stainless and carbon in 3 different blade styles that can be added or removed with the included safety tab.
The Safety Scalpel is also available in a single-use version to minimize processing overhead and cross-contamination risk.
Make the Safety Scalpel part of your sharps safety protocol and work practice controls.

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2Revised Statement on Sharps Safety, American College of Surgeons, 2016 — Reference here
3AORN Continuing Education - Back to Basics: Sharps Safety
Quantity: 120 / case

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