Direct Benefits

Closer to Our Customers. Closer to Value.

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  • Better pricing, guaranteed
  • Locked-in cost savings
  • Streamlined, simplified supply chains
  • Same-day shipping*
  • Next-day delivery for most locations
  • Four distribution hubs serving customers within the United States:
    • Pittsburgh, PA
    • Jacksonville, FL
    • Dallas, TX
    • Reno, NV
  • Venlo, Netherlands distribution hub serving international customers and distribution partners

*For orders placed before 2pm EST

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Efficiency

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Xodus Medical takes a proactive approach to reducing the total cost of healthcare via improved patient safety, satisfaction, and overall outcomes. We are a strategic partner for healthcare providers aligned with safety initiatives such as those set forth by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).
  • According to CMS, national efforts to reduce hospital-acquired conditions helped prevent an estimated 8,000 deaths and save $2.9 billion between 2014 and 20161
We appreciate the need for hospitals to drive value through vendor relationships. We are committed to working within our customers' financial constraints and encourage a conversation focused on:
  • Vendor Consolidation
  • Supply Chain Streamlining
  • Cost Analysis

Vendor Consolidation

Single-use foam products
OR Necessities products
Xodus Medical manufactures diverse, yet thoughtfully related product offerings. We work closely with our customers to add value through consolidation of major product lines. This approach has allowed our customers to minimize costs and operational inefficiencies, while standardizing improved quality.

Supply Chain Streamlining

Icon: Land, Sea and Air delivery
Xodus Medical has the ability to manage recurring or bulk orders, shipping strategies, etc. for accounts of all sizes. Our goal is to maximize supply chain efficiency for our customers, whether they are a one-room outpatient facility or a multi-hospital, self distributing IDN.

Cost Analysis

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As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, Xodus Medical has the ability to identify and implement a number of opportunities related to cost-savings. Our customers appreciate our commitment and hands-on approach to delivering total value.
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