CMS Never Event Prevention

Addressing the Challenge

Xodus Medical is focused on offering effective solutions for the prevention of several key CMS Never Events:

CMS Never Event: Patient death or serious injury associated with a medication error (e.g., errors involving the wrong drug, wrong dose, wrong patient, wrong time, wrong rate, wrong preparation, or wrong route of administration)

WHO Safe Surgery Objective: The team will avoid inducing an allergic or adverse drug reaction for which the patient is known to be at significant risk

Solution: Xodus Medical Medication Labels
  • Xodus Medical offers a quick and convenient method for syringe and medicine cup labeling. This user friendly system allows you to create and save your custom label packs so that they can be quickly re-ordered later.
  • The ability to completely customize your labels by surgical specialty
  • Latex free advanced adhesive allows labels to adhere to syringes, medication cups and basins even when wet
  • Waterproof, non-smearing ink will not run even when exposed to water
  • Different size labels available (small, large, and extra large) both sizes available in the same package
  • Color code labels for easy visual identification
  • Permanent markers available upon request with your custom label order
CMS Never Event: Any stage 3, stage 4, or unstageable pressure ulcers acquired after admission/presentation to a healthcare facility

CMS Never Event: Surgery or other invasive procedure performed on the wrong body part

WHO Safe Surgery Objective: The team will operate on the correct patient at the correct site

Solution: Xodus Medical Correct Site Markers
  • Provides a safe and effective means for marking the operative site
  • Prep-resistant ink, will not wash off when site is prepped
  • Conforms to Joint Commission Standards for Correct Site Surgery
  • Non-toxic, non-tattooing, non-irritating, non-smearing
  • Incinerable; does not contain heavy metals or latex
CMS Never Event: Foreign object unintentionally retained after surgery

WHO Safe Surgery Objective: The team will prevent inadvertent retention of instruments and sponges in surgical wounds

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